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Christian, husband, father of three, continually learning, bassoonist.

about me: the not-so-short blurb

My name is Tim Scott and I am the Director of Student Learning and Head Principal at an international boarding school in Germany. In this role, I lead the school’s academic program, which operates across three campuses, and I am involved in curriculum management and development, and student pastoral care. Some of the responsibilities of my role include the strategic planning of teaching and learning approaches, fostering staff professional development and supporting curriculum development, as well as supervising and supporting the Principals of the Middle and High School. This is in addition to managing the school’s partnership with a German K-12 school in Lörrach and the joint venture bilingual elementary school that both schools have come together to create and run.

I am a qualified history teacher, with a particular passion for teaching ancient history, historiography and the philosophies of history. I have been teaching for about 20 years, coming from Sydney Australia where I held teaching and leadership positions in several large independent schools in Sydney, Australia. Prior to my time in education, I worked for a period in business continuity planning and risk management

I believe education to be a life long process. It focuses on the intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth of the individual through all domains of knowledge. Education prepares learners for a life of active, responsible citizenship with both a local and international outlook. It instills in the learner a passion for life long learning, inspiring them to excel academically, to work towards intellectual and emotional maturity and to ensure they are prepared for the world beyond the classroom. I believe education in the 21st century must promote the learner’s capacity to develop a deep subject expertise alongside his or her ability to engage with a diverse range of people, embrace both traditional and innovative thinking, and genuinely bridge cultural boundaries.

I have a PhD in Ancient History. My dissertation looked at the interaction between ancient history as a discipline and contemporary politics in Germany.

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